What to Expect as Mainstream Sports makes a Comeback in India

Under strict guidelines, sporting activities are making a comeback in India after the global coronavirus crisis. Football is leading the way with the first round of games scheduled for 8th October 2020. Since March, sports activities in the country came to a stop. Now, sporting fans in India can follow the action on live TV. On the other hand, the Indian cricket leagues are undertaking their matches abroad to complete the tournament.

The pandemic is not entirely off the radar, and the fans will not be allowed back into the stadiums. Players and staff need to follow a set of rules to enhance the safety of team players. With other Asian leagues’ resumption, the federation is adopting a similar approach to their security protocols.

There are lots of Prizes at Stake

Each year the online betting industry in India grows progressively. The sector experiences an increase in the number of users and the amount of money at stake. Gamblers and online betting enthusiasts are taking advantage of the amazing opportunities to make money online. The prizes and instant payouts in sports betting is a major reason for the booming in business. It is simple to get started with BetGold cricket betting and gain winnings while enjoying your favourite sports.

The most popular Sports for Bookmakers


India is passionate about cricket, as it is a historical sport that is rich in Indian heritage. Cricket is the most popular sport in the country. With the vast knowledge about the game, fans can make money by betting. It involves predicting the outcome in the national leagues. The audiences of the live sports games gather in stadiums and sports clubs to support their favourite teams. There are lots of wagers in online betting sites that sports fans can benefit from. It is as easy as predicting the winner in a match or if the cricket match ends in a tie.


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Hockey is a common sport in India as it is a source of national pride and heritage. Online betting on the game is popular with Indian residents, especially in national qualifiers and world cup. The national league calendar offers a chance for gamblers to bet on match outcomes. Betting on hockey outcomes is easy as one chooses between the underdogs and favourites. The ones likely to win the match have fewer odds than their opponents. Research about the game can aid gamblers to beat the bookmakers by winning money with lowly ranked teams.


Football is the most popular sport globally. On the contrary, in this region, it is considered second to hockey. With the live matches from European football leagues, online sports betting gets more users. The bonuses, jackpots, and cash prizes in football betting are amazing for users. While betting on football matches, it is important to check the statistics in the game. Extensive research in the form of the teams playing will help in predicting the outcome of the matches. Football betting is very easy as the rules of the game are simple.

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