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Beware of super-low prices

Watch out for potential red flags if you’re buying. If a price seems too good to be true — such as a $20 diamond ring or a $100 brand-new phone — it likely is. Before you make an offer or commit to buying, check prices of similar items and make sure you’re able to see several photos of the item.

Check shipping before you buy

Stay safe during the pandemic by choosing to ship your bought or sold items. OfferUp & letgo offers every buyer and seller access to nationwide shipping. When buyers see an item they like, they can choose to receive the item by mail, make their offer and pay through the app. Sellers receive a pre-paid shipping label and both parties can track the shipping process

Meet in a public location

If a meet-up is necessary, opt for a well-lit public location with video surveillance — and remember to keep a safe, social distance. OfferUp has created more than 2,000 public community meet-up spots so everyone involved in the transaction can feel safe and know exactly where to meet. Simply search on for a mutual location that works for you.

Online marketplaces can be a valuable resource for procuring your buying and selling needs — and helping others find theirs. Download the OfferUp app for more tips on being a successful buyer or seller.

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