How To Make Money Online in 2020 (Complete Guide)

In this era of the internet when everything is accessible on your fingertips making money online is not a big deal.

You can witness there are numbers of websites that claim to provide you an outlet for earning online but if you are not aware of how to get into it, they are just useless for you. 

So in this article, we will not only unravel your confusion about online money-making but also provide you ways of adopting these methods. 

Whether you are searching for a full-time online opportunity or a part-time job, or just something that can increase your extra earning without putting lots of effort.

Before we share with you ways let us provide you some tips first, how can you be successful in online money making?

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Tips: How To Be Successful In Online Jobs?

Although it will not be your 9 to 5 job to excel you need to follow these few tips.

  •  Take Your Job Seriously:

Yes, you can work at home under your comforter on your couch but that does not mean it is not your real job. Treat your job as you want your job to treat you. Your effort will let them take you as a serious and hardworking employee.

Also remember, you are not the only one who wants to work comfortably at home so, the competition to work online is quite higher than an office job. 

It is also necessary to work like a professional. Whether you need to send your resume make it like a skilled candidate without grammatical or spelling mistakes. 

Show your availability when an idea needs to be discussed. Talks or emails not in a casual way. There are certain ways of doing things when you are working professionally.

Punctuality is another essential part of your work. Whatever task you are assigned makes it on time. This will make you noticed. 

Show your urge that you are fully involved in your work. If necessary, share your ideas on how to improve work and beneficial for your team. 

Be creative in doing a task, do not always follow the same pattern of doing your work. Think out of the box. Creativity is always welcomed but monotony is not. 

These are the few tips that make you distinguished among others and your reward will be a must. 

Below are some ways of making money online.

1) Start Your Blog:

Blogging can be adopted either as a hobby or as a full-time profession. In fact, it usually starts as a hobby, that becomes a successful side business, and then becomes an all-encompassing career.

Blogging is one of the simplest and most sustainable earning sources. As long as the blog is started the absolute way, in the right niche, with the targeted content at the exact audience. You could make an incredible amount of passive earning from a blog.

Professional bloggers incline towards either focusing on one blog or many niche blogs to generate profit. Each blog needs to maintain the capability for attracting a large audience, generating lots of traffic, and being good for advertisers and product sales.

These following niches are famous for blogging:

2) Take Online Survey:

This is one of the most commonly advertised means of making money online. Some sites will pay you money to common online surveys, but mostly awarding points seems to be the more common technique of compensation. You gain points by doing surveys and the points can be saved for merchandise.

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All you have to do is check websites, do some analysis, and see what you think. You can receive a few hundred dollars excess each month. But you have to be careful with scammers as well.

online survey

These are few authentic companies which pay you for an online survey,

  • Pinecone Research 
  • Opinion outpost
  • Toluna
  • Swagbucks
  • Global Test Market

3) Run Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads have become increasingly one of the most famous over the past few years. This is a huge reason why they are very effective. Every year, companies spend millions of cash to grasp the attention of numbers of audiences.

Because of the tremendous user-base, social media site, it has naturally become a favorite target for the companies to capture audiences. 

facebook ads

Running Facebook Ads is an outstanding way especially for small businesses because there is a very minimum amount of monthly ad spend. So, if a business only has a spent $100 to run ads, that’s no big deal.

3) Teach Online:

If you are good enough in any subjects like math, science, foreign language, and even test preparation, this will be best, a suitable way to earn inline for you. By teaching online, you can control your time as well as the quantity of work that you take on.

You can always give your services directly by marketing in the school of your locality or even posting ads in neighborhoods, newsletters and bulletin boards. Also, you can use online outlets that are required tutors for their students. These are the worth visiting sites for online teaching purposes.

4) Sell Your Craft:

If you are creative enough and can create different kinds of crafts than it is the easiest way for you to sell your craft.

There are many sites which can help you sell. Etsy is one of the genuine and good sites that can advertise your crafts. It only charges 3.5% of your sale which is quite lower than what other charges.

5) Sell Your photographs:

If you possess a good camera and have a talent for taking pictures then you can easily make money online from your hobby.

These sites will let you post your photos on their sites. Since they are popular photo sources, you will get people searching for very specific types of images. If people download any of yours, you can earn from a few cents to a few dollars per downloaded photo.

If you create an online portfolio of hundreds of photos that people are attracted to download then you may have invented one of the very best passive income sources for yourself. 

sell your photographs

All you need to do is have a little research on the interest of people, what kind of photographs they choose to download then bang! You are in. 

6) Become A Freelance Writer

If you have adequate writing skills and a good understanding of some specific topic, you can be one of the online writers. Your skills give you a good opportunity to make online money without even leaving your home. It is also the kind of attempt that can begin as a small side business but can grow into a full-time career.

You can get started by offering your work as a content writer on a website like,

These are the good platforms for getting started, they give you a good amount of each of your accepted articles. 

7) Watch And Review Online Videos:

The website Swagbucks will pay you for watching videos, movies, and even for news programs, and rate them. That will make you earn a few points for each video that you watch, and those can be restored for cash through PayPal or gift cards.

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You can not take it as a professional with Swagbucks, but it can give a small additional monthly income, which you can earn in your spare time.

8) Become A Driver:

Driving technically is not an online activity, but the source of the business is online, or more precisely, through your smartphone. You can use these online platforms for earning some extra cash.

Customers sign up for a ride on their smartphones, and you are notified if you are in the same area. Since payment is done online, you do not need to burden yourself with collecting from the customer.

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This opportunity will work well in large metropolitan areas, where people are more inclined to not use their own cars, but more likely to heed major events, like sporting events and concerts. The airport is also a very vital source of this business.

The downside is that you have to use your own vehicle, but this can be a very generous part-time or full-time attempt. It all depends on how much movement there is in your area, and how much time and effort you can put in.

9) Sell Out Your Unused Musical Instruments:

If you are a music lover then there is a great possibility that you have one or few old musical instruments resting in your storage that have not been utilized in years. Maybe it is a piece from your school days. Whatever the purpose that you have, it is possibly worth earning money from it, if you can sell it. Because the brand-new instrument is very expensive, people often tend to purchase used equipment in place of the new one, specifically if a buyer is a novice.

You can sell your used instruments on a site called Sparkplug.

Naturally, they will take a fee from the sales profit, but that will still allow you to earn some money from an item that is just the part of your storage. 

These are all we provide you with ways of online money making and how you can become successful in your profession. Our effort will help you in your field of concern. 

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