Entrepreneur William Rivera ‘s Success Story.

(MENAFN – Talk of News) Entrepreneur William Rivera ””s Success Story.

William Rivera, a successful businessman and young genius whose steadfastness and diligence reached heights. William was born in Miami, Florida on (05/10/1998), then moved to Georgia when he was 5 years old with his family, and then his parents kept moving from one house to another until he was 16 years old.
Earlier life:
William lived a harsh life with his family, which consisted of 4 members, and due to their destitute condition, William wanted to help his family and relieve them of some of the suffering they were in. William wanted to work to support his family, but it did not work, as he was fired from more than 10 jobs and if he worked in any job, he would be paid a little that was not enough to meet his needs. Then William learned that he could not work with anyone or work as an employee for anyone, and he began to think of a way to earn money without having to work for anyone.
At the age of 18, he started selling shoes and cell phones on eBay which in the first month made him gain a few hundred dollars. In May 2017, William graduated from high school and his family moved to Ohio due to the low cost of living that this city needs, and in the same year he enrolled into a local community college and was placed under academic probation within two months. After that, William dropped out and started looking for a new job and got a full-time job in (la fitness), and besides that, he returned to selling phones again as an overtime job for him.
Meanwhile, William Rivera is fundamentally skeptical, just like the average person, about the idea of making money outside of a regular job, and for the longest time he has been extremely hesitant and opposed to the idea that he can ever succeed, and what has made him even more hesitant is his firm belief that the poor are getting poorer. While the wealthy continued to get richer, and the middle class continued to stay afloat, there was absolutely no way for William to believe anyone who said he was making any kind of serious money online legally.

His career:
On one of his hard days, he returned home tired and filled with frustration, and all his bones were in pain at the time. An idea occurred to him that why he doesn””t start search in the Google browser for an opportunity to “make money online” and to check once by himself if it was fake or not?!, and even at the time, William had no idea how to make money online. After carrying out his research, his views and beliefs began to change about that, and he was attracted by one of the educational courses that give short lessons to master income over the Internet. William spent nearly 500 Dollars USD on that course, but he was frustrated by the failure of those courses to achieve any financial returns, and William lost a lot of money.
And as is the case if you want to achieve success, some loss and disappointments are required to achieve this. William took a month””s leave to recover from his disappointment in losing a lot of money.
William Rivera is an ambitious young man, and it is not in his nature to give up his ambition and goal simply, and it is also the quality of successful people in life!! After William recovered from what happened in his first attempt, he wanted to give himself a second chance and start a second attempt, but with more effort and that””s after he met Drew Evans, who was by nature a successful entrepreneur, and William learned a lot from him from what was hidden in this field, at that time he felt the anger of his parents for him because of their concern about him that he wasted his time and money because of something that could not Success in their eyes, William thought of working outside the home, where he used to spend his time in libraries and cafes to be able to focus all on his work, until things turned and William really started making profits online. When that happened, he put all of his surplus money towards it hoping that everything would work out if he puts enough time and effort into the thing.
Within 4-6 months, William Rivera has reached unimaginable heights. Later on, he became so successful that he was able to support his parents with their bills. Since then, William has been able to expand his drop shipping business. William enjoyed such wonderful relationships with manufacturers that enabled him to expand and expand even further. That was when he took things to the next level and started selling on Amazon, which was a hidden jackpot for him and his company. By the end of his first month on Amazon, he unexpectedly hit 300K.
Now William Rivera is the founder of the Ecom Degree university, through which William aspires to offer a real step-by-step training program, all the way to the mental psychology of successfully running an online business to help ambitious online entrepreneurs learn the art of commerce and make money online.

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